The real-world work of Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Warfighters in the Military and first responders requires extensive experience and proven Role Playing approaches. Our Role Playing training programs are designed to improve trainees’ critical thinking skills and decision-making ability under life-threatening and very stressful conditions.

Today’s Threats on the Homeland and Abroad Require True-To-Life Role Playing Solutions

Repeated exposure to realistic training conditions encourages trainees to perform more efficiently as required by critical situations. In order to create an unmatched training experience, we utilize realistic scenarios and subject matter expert trainers in both rural and urban environments. Drawing from our established network of role players Nation-wide and training assets allows us to facilitate purpose-driven scenario interactions.

Our tactical training solutions support Homeland Security, anti-terrorism, and other such threats, to include executive protection, homeland defense, active shooter response and a variety of other tactics, techniques, and procedures.

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