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Administrative Secretary

Job Number: Req ID ESAS004
Job Date: 2013-05-28
Job Location: Northern VA
Clearance Level: TS/SCI

Job Description:

This position will independently accomplish more of the general or routine office administrative tasks. Individuals should have the expertise and qualifications to accomplish non-routine and moderately complex administrative tasks with minimal guidance and assistance. Depending on the customer office, some tasks can be more dynamic (i.e., less routine) and challenging than other tasks.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Provide responsive administrative support to facilitate completion of all organizational mission requirements with minimal assistance and/or guidance. This will require interpreting and applying policies, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Determine best approach and courses of action to take in both routine and non-routine administrative situations with minimal assistance and/or guidance. This will require accurately interpreting and adapting guidelines, including unwritten policies, precedents and practices that are not always completely applicable to a changing situation.
  • Manage office schedules and calendars to administratively support responsive planning, coordination, execution, and completion of business rhythms, corporate requirements, and events (i.e., meetings, conferences, travel, etc.) with minimal assistance and/or guidance.
  • Keep leadership and staff apprised of high priority issues, requirements, and developments as it relates to office business and administrative activities.
  • Assist subordinate secretaries on new procedures; requests information needed form the subordinate offices for periodic or special conference, reports, inquiries, etc.

Position Qualifications:

Education Experience
Bachelor's Degree in General Business Administration or related course work from an accredited University/College Minimum 2 years of secretary experience
Associate's Degree in General Business or related course work from an accredited College Minimum 4 years of secretary experience
High School Diploma with Vocational/Military Training Certificate in Office Management, Secretary Services, or related field Minimum 6 years of secretary experience
  • Prior experience as a secretary administratively supporting lower-to-mid management levels of an office. The Contractor's proposed personnel shall be expected to independently perform the general administrative requirements.
  • Proven experience as a secretary supporting administrative requirements at the mid- to upper-management levels of an office. The proposed personnel will be expected to independently accomplish the advanced administrative tasks with no assistance.
  • Fundamental understanding of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC).
  • Strong professionalism with the ability to consistently demonstrate tact and maturity.
  • Strong interpersonal and/or soft skills, and office etiquette within a professional environment to:
    • Facilitate professional relationships and support efficient execution of all office administrative requirements; and
    • Obtain a positive customer oriented service experience by internal/external office personnel, customers, and visitors.
  • Strong teaming and collaboration skills that foster office unity and cohesiveness in support the office administrative requirements.
  • Capable of handling a large workload, effectively coordinate multiple resources, and multi-task in a fast paced environment that may often have competing priorities with minimal assistance.
  • Strong communication skills both verbally and written with the ability to:
    • Articulate office administrative requirements/actions/needs in a professional tone and attitude;
    • Exchange information to facilitate positive and efficient work processes and results; and
    • Produce written correspondence (i.e., email, letter, document, etc.) that is succinct, coherent, uses proper tone, demonstrates proper grammatical use of the English language, and presents proper format/form per established corporate/office guidance.
  • Good office organization skills that facilitates a neat and orderly presentation of the work environment and administrative activities.
  • Proficient working knowledge of office information technology (IT) equipment (e.g., copiers, scanners, facsimile machines, computer workstations, phones, teleconference/video teleconference equipment) with the ability to independently operate such equipment in completing office administrative tasks.
  • Proficient working knowledge of MS Office software applications (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook: Mail, Calendar, and File Functions) with the ability to use these applications to efficiently complete office administrative tasks.
  • Experience with office filing systems (hardcopy and softcopy) using specified format and structure.
  • Able to be a self-starter and work with minimal assistance to complete all assigned work requirements.
  • Strong problem solving and time management skills. Must be detailed oriented and possess consistent, mature judgment.
  • Able to handle a moderate and demanding workload; efficiently coordinate resources, and reasonably work in a fast paced environment that may often have competing priorities.

Desirable Skills/Qualifications

  • Prior DoD and/or government customer experience working in a related field.
  • Prior experience working with the military and understanding of the military services.
  • Proficient working knowledge of the following corporate applications:
    • PeopleSoft
    • Travel System (DTS) with knowledge of the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR)
    • SharePoint
  • Possesses a working knowledge of the government customer's internal coordination and approval processes.
  • Working knowledge of Access database
  • Proficient with the government customer's correspondence manual
  • Working knowledge of the government customer's File Plan requirements
  • A working level understanding of the government customer's corporate processes
  • Prior experience with the awards and decorations process
  • Ability to schedule, coordinate, set-up, and operate Video Teleconference (VTC) equipment; and this include teleconferences.
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