Health Case Study - Veterans Health Affairs Business Reference Architecture (BRA)

T&H was contracted by Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of Health Information (OHI) Health Systems (HS) Business Architecture Service (BA) to collaboratively work with other OHI components and VHA Program Offices to develop, implement and monitor the VHA’s healthcare business functions, and is leading several efforts to provide guidance to VHA by performing business process management for a wide range of health business capabilities including Common Systems, Joint Interoperability Ventures, Information Exchange, and Health Data Systems and other VA mission critical priorities such as the Business Function Framework (BFF) and the integrated DoD and VA Health Integrated Business Reference Model (iBRM). The following work efforts highlight the work performed under the BRA contract.

Business Function Framework (BFF): The VHA BFF is one of the key architectural artifacts maintained by the T&H Team. It represents the business functions necessary to deliver health care for communities being served by the VA. The BFF identifies, elaborates and models the VHA business, providing a function framework for organizing and aligning VHA organizations, strategies, applications, business processes, information domains, requirements, IT Projects and other components in the business architecture. Recent efforts of the T&H Team included a major refresh of the BFF. The primary goal of the BFF refresh was to model the current VHA Business Functions using an improved set of rule based guiding principles to establish a more consistent representation of the VHA’s business functions. In addition, BRA sought to create a model that would enable increased interoperability with other agency models of both external and internal VA partners. The effort includes a comprehensive vetting of the BFF within the BA.

Integrated DoD and VA Health Business Reference Model (iBRM): The iBRM is a business reference model derived from the integration of the DoD Military Health System Enterprise Architecture (MHS EA OV-5) and VHA BFF. The purpose of this effort was to understand the capabilities and taxonomy to achieve an Electronic Health Record (EHR) between the DoD and VA by reviewing and analyzing the combined architectures; to derive the DoD / VA Health integrated Business Reference Model to be used to support a DoD / VA development of a shared world class EHR system; and to develop a common business reference model to be used for all DoD/VA Health sharing activities. A current project is underway to refresh the iBRM to reflect current DoD/VHA Business Architecture and take advantage of improvements in each organization’s current business reference models. In addition, the T&H Team has delivered to VA an interim BAR tool solution using Microsoft Access. This provides VA with an interim BAR solution of a relational database that contains VHA business architecture products. The solution delivers value to VA by demonstrating the associated relationships between critical products, which include, but are not limited to: process models, information domains, application lists, BFF, VHA and VA strategic goals and objectives, VA major initiatives, VHA projects, and reports.