T&H Enterprise Architecture (EA) Center of Excellence (CoE)

Transforming Burning Platforms into Enterprise Solutions

The T&H EA Center of Excellence helps business leaders address their "Burning Platform" management issues through focused use of their IT portfolio. The CoE helps them achieve transparency throughout their organization so that the right issues are identified, and the right resources are brought to bear, to produce the right results. The Center also helps managers build governance bridges to their partner organizations to promote collaborations that will facilitate achievement of their goals.

The CoE assists business leaders in answering such real time questions as:

  • How well does my IT portfolio align with the mission of my agency?
  • What are the results it produces?
  • Where are my security vulnerabilities?
  • How can my IT portfolio help me address my "burning platform" issues such as the President's Management Agenda, eGov and OMB Lines of Business?
  • What opportunities exist for developing new enterprise solutions?

The CoE helps agencies increase the maturity level of their EA programs in compliance with both the GAO and OMB FEAPMO maturity models. The CoE focuses on the development of a Life-Cycle Governance Process to integrate all of the disciplines that support management of the IT portfolio, including the EA, strategic planning, performance management, CPIC, configuration management, security and budgeting processes.

The CoE promotes seamless, vertical integration of federal, state, tribal and local government services. It also sponsors appropriate research on topics critical to advancing the practical application of EA to enable business transformation.

Activities Supported by the T&H EA Center of Excellence

  1. Assist agencies to focus on business outcomes and transformation
  2. Lead collaborative working sessions to support managers in developing solutions specifically tailored to their enterprise
  3. Explore integration of EA tool kits with the tool kits of the other management disciplines to support:
    • Single point of data entry,
    • Line of sight management throughout the life-cycle process, and
    • "Dashboard score-card" command and control of the enterprise
  4. Champion governance models to manage and support enterprise solutions
  5. Demonstrate various EA tool kits' capability to address development of enterprise solutions
  6. Demonstrate emerging technologies and tools supporting EA and enterprise solutions
  7. Conduct research related to advancing EA as a management practice
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