Intel Sec & DoD Case Study - DLA/CRM

Intelligence-Security-DoD Case Study - Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

T&H was awarded the DLA Customer Relationship Management contract to assess, test, and design infrastructure to support the SAP CRM module and define how it will integrate with DLAs many customer facing legacy systems, and with the new and developing SAP ERP solution.

Our team worked daily with DLA management and key stakeholders, communicated the Program's vision, executing CRM solutions, and educating the organization on how CRM will impact the way business is conducted at various levels of the organization. T&H also played a pivotal role on the Change Management team and worked in assessing the landscape of DLA to prepare the Enterprise for this significant business and cultural transformation effort. Some of T&H's primary work products in this area were the Program's Stakeholder Analysis, Leadership Strategy, Workforce and Customer Impact Assessment, and Workforce Transition Strategy deliverables. The team successfully guided the CRM Program to be poised for implementation by defining the strategies for enhancing leadership methodologies, managing change with the stakeholders and managing both the cultural and procedural changes that are necessary within the DLA workforce.

The CRM project has been successful for the T&H Team. The contract has been set up to enforce performance measures and quality on all deliverables. There is a three percent quality fee associated with each deliverable. Any deliverable submitted to the DLA client that does not meet DLA's quality standards can be invoiced only at 97 percent of the allowable charge. Thus far, all T&H deliverables have been accepted and granted the three percent quality fee. The CRM Solution is going to be implemented using the SAP enterprise software.