HCV Regional Office Administration

T&H Team has delivered HCVP administration and consulting for two of the nation’s top 20 voucher programs—the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and Miami Dade Housing Authority (MDHA). Our staff of experienced professionals have supported over 25,000 vouchers; delivered comprehensive, back office HCVP services, including electronic records management, income verifications, eligibility determinations, and annual and interim re-certifications.

We have a dedicated team of subject matter experts who ensure that HCV Programs address the five concerns outlined in “Tools and Strategies for Improving Community Relations in the Housing Choice Voucher Program” publication distributed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Policy Development and Research:

  • Insufficient efforts to assist families to move to a broad range of neighborhoods;
  • Inadequate attention to rent reasonableness and housing quality standards;
  • Insufficient tenant screening at admission;
  • Alleged negative HCV Program household behavior; and
  • Unresponsiveness to community complaints