Leveraging Innovation to Reduce Cost

The T&H Team brings unsurpassed and comprehensive experience and capabilities that will help HCV programs exceed performance standards, leverage innovation to do business better, smarter and faster, and most importantly deliver community-based outreach services to help low income families increase their potential for long-term economic success and independence. The T&H Team is always aggressively seeking out cost saving/cutting opportunities that will benefit our clients and partners.

Innovation Solutions to Managing HCVPs

Solution: CWEST – Cloud-based Workflow Event Scheduling and Tracking. The CWEST platform is a robust solution to provide detailed workflow across the HCVP and stakeholder environment. Web based workflow allows for legacy and existing systems to be leveraged in new ways that drive operational efficiency and elevate the value of information. The CWEST interface also provides a hyperlink that will take the worker to the system of operation they need to interact with whether it's SharePoint, FileNet, Yardi or SalesForce.com.

Benefit: Case Information can be viewed by call center agents resulting in reduced time of certain calls and number of call-backs

Solution: Communications Dashboard. The dashboard gives HCVPs an overview of their program at a glance and for a specific time. They contain the details and status of operations and provide a significant opportunity to make HCVPs more efficient and quick to respond to issues and opportunities. The Dashboard will also include planned events such as workshops, training classes, community gatherings, or advisories. Dashboards will also provide a knowledge base for press releases about new properties available and new projects that the team could advertise. Through the use of business intelligence HCVPs can operate more effectively and service their community better.

Benefits: By implementing dashboards HCVPs find an overall view of their program and reduce the time to find information. They are customizable to individual user needs and users have the ability to drill down to the details behind the summary information. The user can see the trending of data over a period of time allowing them to make decisions and react to issues before they become problems.

Solution: Enhance Facebook Page and link directly to Call Center.

Benefit: Facebook can be a powerful way to communicate with all HCVP stakeholders, whether tenants, applicants, landlords, or staff. HCVPs can use Facebook to communicate to stakeholders by posting and receiving messages. Much like a web-page, it also allows users to view photos of available properties, rate their service, ask questions, and view comments about landlords and properties.

Solution: YouTube Training Modules. The training module will allow households applying for HCVs easier access to HCV program information and the application process.

Benefit: The HCV applicant can access information and applications at any time and any place; and therefore reduce the number of calls to the Call Center. Online training is simple to use and easy to deliver, saving HCVPs time and money. It enables applicants, tenants, landlords, and staff to remain on the cutting edge of the latest program updates.