A Message from the Chairman & CEO Rodney E. Thomas

"Our Nation faces tremendous challenges and pressure to do more with less. The President and Congress are trying to find ways to keep America strong, deliver top notch services to American Citizens, facilitate stability and peace around the World, and cut our enormous deficit...all at the same time. By applying our business know-how with technology solutions, T&H is helping our Government deliver streamlined Healthcare and Housing services to our Citizens, improve Veterans benefits, and provide our Military with intelligence-based data to support their mission. As an Army Veteran, husband and father, I am very proud that Cabinet-level Federal agencies count on T&H to help improve the lives of American Citizens, including children and Veterans. The work that we do every day could not be more rewarding!"



A Message from the President & Chief Operating Officer Deana P. Herbert

“We are experiencing very challenging economic conditions across the Nation, especially within the Federal Government Market. Firms must reevaluate their existing models of doing business in order to respond to the Market quickly with even more innovative solutions that enable our clients to achieve desired results with less resources. Workforce Planning, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Performance Management and Business Transformation Solutions are turn-key solutions that T&H provides its clients today to enable them to manage change, risks and accomplish set goals"